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    Recently joined the forum and my first post here. We live in Sydney and have investment properties in Sydney. We almost committed to buying a land+house deal in North lakes through a property company but decided to do more due diligence before we commit to anything. We just felt there seems to be lot of land available for building there + possibly more land opening up in future and also the block sizes seems smaller. We are forming the view that not much capital appreciation in North lakes or you have to wait a lot longer…

    Thought it might be better to go through buyers agents. Any recommendations for reliable buyers agents for buying investment property in Brisbane area or Melbourne area? We will then follow up with discussing fee structure + what happens if we don’t proceed with a purchase etc etc..

    Particularly would like to hear from any onee who recently purchased property through a buyers agent, their experience and if they recommend going the same route.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Might be slightly biased but i would not be using a Property Investment Company as you will be paying over the odds for a new property with a juicy marketing commission factored into the price.

    We deal with a lot of forum clients who like the prospect of being able to manufacture equity by adding a second dwelling or subdividing the site down the track and certainly avoid brand new properties as they simply are not in the best interest of the client.

    If you are look for a BA in Melbourne Jacqui (JacM from the forum) Middleton Buyers Agents acts for a lot of our Vic clients.


    Yours in Finance

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    +1 for Jac M. She’ll do a great job.



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    Hi Bezewada,

    We can help point you in the right direction in brisbane ,to help you decide if its for you.
    We deal in existing properties(not new) for capitol growth ,cashflow , value add potential and under valued where possible
    If we can help let us know .

    Kind regards

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