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    Hi, I am currently looking to buy an investment property and I am always shocked how poor with communication many real estate agents are. Some are superb, but many are not. Multiple unrelplied emails, phone calls not returned, promised information not supplied – even when you are acting very keen and say your a cash buyer seems to be the norm. I have put in offers for some houses and not heard back at all. I would be furious if I were the seller of some of these houses with such poor agents acting on their behalf. One agent was so rude I stopped looking at the property because of her couldn’t care less attitude. When i was selling my house in Richmond I got my brother in law to email our agent a few simple questions to see if they responded promptly – they did thank goodness. I think everyone selling should mystery shop their agent to make sure they are not burning bridges with potential buyers and are responding promptly.
    Just a thought.

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    yep also mystery shopped my property managers when we had a vacancy, just setup a fake gmail to send it from and then checked to see response.

    trust but verify.

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    Some agents are good some are not. It depends on the training the agency do for their employees. Some smaller agencies want business because that’s all they have. Sometimes you need to go to the branch managers and explain your needs and what you want. I was trained in returning calls or emails and not forget someone. There are some agents in other states that give the industry a bad name. Mystery shop is a good way. I did it to select my property manager for my property before I setup an interview. I pretended to be a prospective tenant

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    Yes, like when you call an agent to inquire about a property and they tell you that they already had an offer submitted. I ask them if it’s just an offer or has it gone to contract. They say offer only. So I tell them that I would like to submit my offer. They respond that they are not accepting offers as they already have an offer, therefore, the property is not available anymore.

    They should be accepting ALL offers until the property goes under contract! If that was my property and someone wanted to submit a higher offer even though an offer had already been accepted, I would be furious if I found out that my agent rejected a potential higher bidder.

    Every seller wants the highest price for their property but a lot of real estate agents don’t bother trying to get the highest price once they receive an offer. Sure, the agent needs to be weary not to lose the initial buyer, however, when you have a strategy in place it turns out to be a positive outcome for the buyer, seller and the agent.

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    Thanks for the replies, seems like a asking a few fake questions from a web email address is worth it. Also I have been caught out by “Fake counter offers”. I noticed some properties that I offered on that had been on the market for 6 months or more suddenly got higher offers (according to the agent) just at the same time as I made my offer. Where they real offers? No. One property I called the owner from the Statement 32 and asked how many offered he had got and he told me he had only one offer, mine. Don’t believe anything you are told, especially if its over the phone as they know they can just deny saying it later.

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    Mystery shopped a local rental agent to find a property to rent. Requested an inspection on a rental property but was told they would be done as an open house for half hour sometime next week. I asked again saying I’m time poor because of the demands of my motel business, but same response, still no action. It would seem they want a process not a tenant. You only need one good one per property, why let one slip away. They lost another week’s rent for the property owner and lost a good tenant.
    Definitely wouldn’t use those property managers.

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