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    Hey guys my names natasha I’m from Perth and thinking of buying an established fish and chip shop. What’s your guys opinion advice tips and trick?? I think I have the cooking side pretty much covered it’s the financial side I’m worried about.. Would I be better off just flipping houses or do you think a fish and chip shop could be quite profitable???

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    Natasha 77,
    I hope you have studied the tax returns and books for the shop and taken them or had an accountant check them ?
    I remember visiting fish and chip shops as a kid, so they seem to go on forever, must be some money in it.
    I knew a family that run a fish and chips shop, to me they seemed to get more out of it in tax savings and bulk buying discounts etc than making money selling chips. Main problem was the heat from the cooking for the workers.. But you see lots of people at the beach buying up big.
    Good Luck whatever you do.

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