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    Hey I think the answer is ‘no issue’ but wanted to ask the hive for advice.

    If I have a friend who is down on their luck and needing someone to give them a break…..and we let them move into one of our IP’s rent free for say 6-12 months while they get back on their feet there are no income or capital gains tax issues right?

    eg Australia doesn’t have the same stupid gift tax laws that we have here in the USA.

    Yes i’ll check with our accountant in August but just wondering if someones had this issue before. If it wasn’t totally free and instead I charged peppercorn rents eg $50 a week can I still negative gear or are there some kind of ATO obligations for “market rent” etc?

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    You’re meant to charge market rent, so the ATO can determine that majority % of your interest deductions may be invalid as you’re only charging 20% of market rent etc.

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    There are tax issues.

    There is no issue with gifting money, but if you are not charging rent then you will not be able to claim any deductions on that property at all. If you charge peppercorn rent your deductions would be limited to the amount or rent charged.

    A way around all this may be to gift your friend money and have him pay market rent. Watch out that he doesn’t spend the money and also watch out for bankruptcy issues – seek legal advice.

    But if you don’t claim interest etc now, you will be able to claim against CGT when you sell.

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    Thanks all, appreciate the advice.

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