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    In the property management industry, we call this the tenant induction process.

    Once the right tenant has been selected the next step ensures that they are prepared for what is coming.

    A copy of the residential tenancies act is given to the tenant as well as any relevant agency documents to explain how inspections are done and by whom, how to report repairs and maintenance.

    Agents also explain to tenants how water invoicing is calculated and how to pay for water invoices and where. Also the importance of paying rent on time, how to pay rent and what time frames and most importantly how arrears control is handled within the office.

    Inducting the tenant at the beginning of the tenancy will reduce any breaches of the lease later on. If tenant know up front that there are consequences to breaches, they are more likely to do the right thing.
    Everything must be explained up front clearly, do not ever leave a tenant guessing about what to do or assuming – make it crystal clear!

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