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    Hi All,

    I’m new to the site and to commercial property and have been doing a lot of research and investigating on commercial property and the differences to residential. currently I have several residential properties.

    Firstly I am from South Africa and all of my research has been in the South African market and whilst I am finding some pretty good deals, I am yet to make any offers or attempt to get any funding.
    The biggest issue in lending money in South Africa is that the lending interest rate is pushing up to 10% and thus making yields of 10/11% nearly unfeasible without having large amounts of money for down payments. Essentially I looking for cash flow positive deals and these interest rates make it very difficult.
    The next issue is the depreciating Rand. Whilst it is not an issue if I intend to stay here, but international travel is so expensive. So based on this, I am quite interested in offshore investing and believe that whether I have Aus $, NZ $, Pounds or USD, any foreign currency would be more beneficial.
    My thought is that I should get into a deal here that is as close to CF+ as possible (or with an escalation on rent in year 1, make it CF+) and then look to go offshore.

    I have a thousand questions relating to strategy, offshore investing, lending foreign funds, etc, etc, but I am talking to much.
    If anyone has any advise regarding any of the above, it will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks and happy investing

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    Why don’t you consider the idea of investing in real estate abroad? Interest rates in European countries are all time low now. Look at the table in this article with average fixed mortgage rate in some European countries: Switzerland 1.75, Finland 1.83, Germany 1.90, Luxembourg 2.00. It looks promising to start profitable rental business there

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    Commercial property can provide for much higher rental returns. A strong economy is fundamental for any thriving commercial property investment. While commercial property looks attractive on paper, there are possible risks you need to be conscious of before investing. Acquire complete knowledge about Profitable Property Investment and learn property business leadership packages.

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    Commercial real estate is property that is used solely for business purposes and investing in commercial property is a good idea.

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