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    I have an opportunity to purchase a house on an 850sm block and an adjoining 450sm vacant land. I don’t want to pay for both titles now but want to secure a price for both and settle and take possession on the house first in 30days and the vacant land 6mths later.

    Does anyone have any ideas on the best way to structure the offer for this to occur?

    Your ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Call Option or extended settlement.


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    Extended settlement on the vacant block is the simplest – which is generally the type which is less likely to scare off the vendor/real estate agent if they’re involved.

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    In negotiations, when people get stuck, ask question that make people think up on a higher or more abstract level (we call this Chunking up). Example; what for, whats the purpose of that.
    “Whats the real reason for selling both blocks together now?”

    If they want to sell it all together for security, how else can you make them secure?
    If they want to sell it all so they no longer have to worry about, how can you accommodate that?
    If they need the money, how much money do they actually need and when? how can you accommodate that?

    Guessing, your purpose is to make money, so how can you make money and satisfy their higher purpose too.

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    @adriannqld good advice.

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    You should discuss this deal with your real estate agent or vendor.Hopefully you get satisfy with your deal.

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    they might need to sell both together to get the capital gains exemption on yhe vacant block if the house is their PPOR

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    Do they own them outright or is there a loan?
    If there is no loan ask them to sell one to you and register as first mortgage. They have good security and an income in the form of interest. Buy the other one as you were going to.
    If there is a loan offering a couple of thousand as option fee(not refundable) or covering outgoings during the option period may satisfy their needs.
    You know there are tonnes of differing scenarios and they all effect the offer you will make to satisfy what they need.


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