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    New Dual Occupancy home design

    The young owners are first home investors turning their first home into a two lot subdivision. They will move into the rear dual occupancy purpose designed and built home in two years and develop the front existing house.

    This is a great way to add value and build a property portfolio. The equity manufactured will be invested in other dual occupancy sites with the process reapplied every two to three years. By the time they are 45 the passive income will lead them to do other forms of development.

    In this first property we could only apply for one new dwelling at the rear of the large block due to the new Neighbourhood Residential Zoning- pity there was a fair bit of land at the back. Having said that, the one deluxe dual occupancy will be their home for a while and appreciate considerably as the location is in a quiet street and walking distance to schools, parks and shops.

    Houses in this Court address are large homes on large blocks of land which have a sense of exclusivity and privacy. There are families who will enjoy living in this street.

    The dual occupancy home itself is divided into two zones. The Living pavillion enjoys timber lined cathedral ceilings with clear storey lighting. A mezzanine above the kitchen will be the toddlers cubby house and study later. Bi-fold doors allow plenty of cross ventilation and integrates the outside with the living space. The next pavillion is the private area- family recreation room with four bedrooms. The Master suite on the upper level overlooks the child safe courtyard below with a juliette balcony bringing in natural light and cross ventilation.

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