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    Hi All,

    Just wondering if any one has any experiences (good or bad) with investing in Deception Bay in QLD? I’m considering it myself in the near future after a some more in depth research.


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    Plenty of better options closer to the city. To far out in the sticks for any decent short term growth.

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    I’ve also been looking at deception bay, believe it’s under valued with how close it is to the water, Redcliffe has seen moderate growth could push out to deception bay. Are you looking at buying a house or townhouse?

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    I’m also looking in Deception Bay. Where is the best site to locate if any supply is coming onto the market in the future?

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    You can use to enter the location that you’d like to monitor.


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    Hi Kristy,

    I believe there is potential within DBay, Personally if you are looking in that area I would look at the southern part of the suburb closer to Anzac Highway that is the newer areas but also closer to the new Petrie to redcliffe rail line which will be operational next year.

    You also need to be aware of the local reputation of the area, be careful of buying at the lower end of the market the area has a bit of a bad rep, check out the Qld police crime stats web site:

    As a comparison: DBay has had 700 criminal offences compared to North Lakes next door which has had 168 in the last 3 months, off which D bay has had 191 drug offences Nth Lakes 16,

    I would look at new higher end areas with Dbay if that’s where you wish to go on the southern end of the suburb close to North Lakes and Mango Hill.

    If you have any specific questions please PM me as I have purchased in the general area and know it well

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    Agree Steve – lot’s of Ripehouse users currently looking at Moreton Bay and Deception Bay is a standout.

    To elaborate – we see the following standout street areas also (overlapping with what you are saying), exhibiting low public housing, high rent, high yield, lots house stock and good tenant demand. Shaded in Orange in map below.

    FYI – There are some street pocket in the Mid North of the suburb with over 50% public housing! Perhaps these crime enclaves you speak of.

    Deception Bay Sweetspot locations | Ripehouse
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    love the planning alerts site , thanks

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    Crime stats are good to look at but can be extremely squewed. As a police officer my self I can say yes the area does have a bit of a reputation. But not as bad as those crime stats would have you believe. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the Greece. Police target drug offences where they are more likely to get results. Which means other areas close by ie north lakes get ignored some what. Giving a false repentantion of the differences between the two areas.

    d- bay does have a lot of families in the area as well. But a lot are first home buyers.

    Going to have a rental in d-bay. Just be picky with any tenants. Though the people wanting to rent in d-bay you mightn’t want.

    Haven’t looked in to pricing my self. But knowing the area a little bit from
    Friends who have their PPOR their it might be a good potential area to flip.

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    It’s an area we’re seeing more and more clients looking towards. Deception Bay/Clontarf/Kippa-Ring in general, a bit of a swing in investor interest compared to Logan and surrounds which was the flavour of the month for the last three years.

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    Deception Bay is a hole, you would be better off looking at Caboolture

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