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    Hi All,

    Wondering how everyone really progressed with their knowledge on Property Investing. I have read several books and regular reader of this forum/magazines/more books – but wondering if there any course anyone swear by, any property groups?, or how you got to where you are?

    I read read read for a couple of years and then purchased my first investment property last year. My partner bought his first this year and now we’re contemplating just to jump in again based on what we know, or to really have a good crack at really getting a deeper level of knowledge first.

    Would love to hear what you all did? Or recommend doing.


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    Hi, Sammy! In my point of view the most important things are experience and bravery. And of course the theoretical training as you mentioned. I also have read a lot, listened to experts too much and got the real knowledge only when I bought and then sold my first property 1 year ago.
    Now I use some analysis from internet and listen carefully to my intuition.
    If you interested in some specific information or theme let`s discuss it!

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    Hi Sammy, Think of adding value to property as another way of achieving capital growth from property. If you are in Melbourne I have some good online and free information on my website of the type of property to look for and how to do a small development. Its based on the hundreds of properties I assessed and how i got those few hundred planning approvals. Feel free to contact direct.

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