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    Hi there… Are there investors who are willing to invest with a co-owner/tenant. My situation is that I went bankrupt a few years back due to a stupid business decision. Lost two houses, cars etc…I desperately want to get back to having the stability of living in my own house and not in the rent trap. My proposal would be to invest in a property in South East Melbourne with an investor. The split would be negotiable. I would then live there as the tenant and improve the property to value add and increase capital growth… This would allow the other investor to sleep easy knowing the property and rent/repayments are being made as I would have an interest in value adding to the property as it would increase my share also. I am a tradesman and have renovated houses in the past. Is this a possibility? Thanks..

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    Yes anything is possible guess just a matter of finding an investor who is prepared to invest in both the property and yourself.

    Good luck in the current climate.


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    As Richard indicated, anything is possible.
    The issue will be the investor, and how you draft your Joint Venture Agreement. Speak to a good solicitor about a JVA, If you have a pre drafted one it may make finding an investor easier if you have a draft JVA which outlines the business plan.



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