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    Which foreign economy poses the greatest threat to Australia's prosperity?

    Hi all,

    This thread is for discussion of this poll. Please submit your vote and your thoughts on why!


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    Currently china but more generally USA

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    Having lived in the USA for a while now I don’t think Australians understand how screwed up the American financial system is and ‘should’ the world ever turn against the greenback and demand the risk premium for buying US Treasury bonds that they should be asking for…..that the USA would have massive issues in meeting its commitments.

    My real concern is this is an identifiable and calculable risk eg…..could well happen within our lifetimes.

    If it does happen……my concern is how the USA will handle it. I don’t see them going quietly into the night the way the UK, Spanish and Dutch empires did. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the way that USA handles the fall of its empire is the biggest risk to global peace the world currently faces (would make the middle east look like a family squabble).

    The path Australia plots its future on has ramifications for us all, currently however Australians aren’t having this discussion eg. When did we have the public referendum about allowing 20,000 marines to be stationed in Darwin? Heck I bet that 9 out of 10 people in Australia don’t even understand that Australia has been invaded and what the ramifications of this means.

    May be a little bit heavy a discussion for a property investing website but its food for thought.

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