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    Hello Property Investors!

    A friend and myself are looking to get into subdivision late this year or early next year. We are both learning the ins and outs of the process while building our capital base.

    The area in which we are looking to start in has a price range of $300k – $400k on blocks 800+ sqm. Area is in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Due to the houses in this suburb (placement of houses), the strategy is to buy, subdivide into a battleax or hammerhead and sell both.

    During the course of our learning, we are actually unsure of how much capital we will be required to put forward ourselves.

    Our intention at this stage is to borrow 100% of the property value and use our capital to pay for expenses that will arise.

    Is there a better option when it comes to borrowing funds and what would the approximate capital base required be?

    We are yet to visit the council to determine their fees, but a rough estimate would give us an idea of how much capital we need to build.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Without knowing the specifics $50k would in most cases cover all costs with a buffer for any unforeseen circumstances

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