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    Can anyone provide me with the property development investing rules in Brisbane regarding modifying an old Queenslander and adding extra room and building in underneath to rent rooms out to students?
    I understand you cannot have a certain number of people in a house if they are not related.
    That sounds like a rule you could bend, but if the house burns down a 5 people die, I don’t want to be liable, so it needs to be fully compliant.
    Has anyone had experience with this?
    What were your costs? (not talking about builders costs, I mean council and any other legal/drafting type costs).

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    Never done a renovation but you wouldn’t want to carry the risk of non fire compliance! Since the Childers backpackers disaster a few years back I understand that multiple person properties over 6 unrelated people require a higher fire compliance to residential properties. Wouldn’t want that risk on your conscience or wallet.

    There’s a company called running man fire safety that specialises in the 6 people and up stuff. Might be worth contacting for more info on rough costs. They looked at a property for a friend of mine, he decided to stick with 5 persons to keep it simple for both council and fire compliance as I recall.

    I’d say the ‘council’ side of compliance could be bent, and if you make sure you comply with state fire regulations for the number of people/type of property you have and are insured adequately you’ll probably be fine. Worst council would do would be issue a show cause or an enforcement notice for you to change the property back to a council compliant usage in a certain amount of time. I imagine consequences for non fire compliance are a lot more serious, and none of us want to put anyone in danger anyone.

    Good luck, please note that the above is just what i’ve absorbed from having a 5 bed student place for a few years. I am by no means an expert on council regulations or fire regs.


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