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    Didn’t see this posted on here

    Q: What is happening to
    A: It is being archived – the site will become read-only and it will not be possible to post new discussions or reply to existing discussions.

    Q: Why archive the site?
    A: The costs of operating the site have become unsustainable without commercialising it and Jan & Ian wanted to maintain the existing site as a non-commercial educational resource for the community

    Q: Why not just sell it?
    A: Jan & Ian’s view is that the existing site is something to which the community has made a large contribution and it did not seem appropriate to sell a community resource.

    Q: What about having users pay to access the site or donate towards its operating costs?
    A: The likely income would not cover the substantial hosting and administrative costs.

    Q: What about the PIA Software?
    A: Ian Somers will continue to support and develop the Property Investment Analysis (PIA) software product as normal – nothing changes with the core Somersoft business.

    Q: What happens now?
    A: We will shortly be disabling new user registrations on Somersoft. We encourage new users to join the new PropertyChat community at

    From next week we will disable the ability to start new threads on Somersoft. You will still be able to reply to existing threads at this time.

    A week after that we will disable the ability to reply to existing threads or post any new content on Somersoft.

    On June 30th the Somersoft site will be put into archive mode with user logins disabled and the site being made read-only.

    Q: Who owns PropertyChat?
    A: PropertyChat is a new website owned and operated by Simon Hampel, independent of Somersoft.

    Q: Will any posts or user accounts be migrated to PropertyChat?
    A: No, PropertyChat is a brand new website and all existing content will remain on Somersoft.

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    End of great forum and the beginning of another. Already a heavy shift over to which will no doubt continue. :)

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    Sad to see the end of SS – but the new site seems to be growing quickly.



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