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    I’m sure we all know (and love?) those spammers plying the old Nigerian 419 trade.

    Today a Falkland enterprise wanted to share with me a “Seventy Five million Pound starling”

    I decided to try to imagine a 75 Million Pound starling !

    First, 75 million pound divided by 2.2 and then by 1000 means that this big bird weighs 34,000 TONNES.
    They don’t mention its size, but I don’t think my quarter-acre block would be big enough to hold it…. And what would I feed it? This could need a fresh new daily mortgage just to buy birdseed !!

    Sheesh, I better let this one go through to the keeper, modalities or not !!! (Modalities are meant to be great aren’t they? They keep saying so).

    I hope they come back with a more realistic scam tomorrow – but then, it won’t give me such a laugh – so, bring on more of these funny buggers and their stupidity !! :p


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    I’m surprised you didn’t jump at the chance.

    As them to make a small deposit into your account so that your loan application can be sped up. Have them top up a refillable visa card.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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