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    Does anyone have any feedback about CHU’s landlord insurance?

    I was quote $340pa for
    • This covers Malicious, Accidental & Deliberate damage by a tenant up to $50,000
    • The Landlords contents up to $50,000 Eg. curtains, carpets, blinds etc
    • Rental default is covered for up to 18 weeks. Eg. If the tenant stops paying rent or vacates without notice.
    • Loss of Rent is covered up to 52 weeks. Eg. If the property becomes uninhabitable. (limit $1,000 per week)
    • Public liability $20,000,000
    • Excess $200 each claim

    Seems pretty reasonable (especially compared to NRMA who we have currently) any thoughts?


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    The quote depends on a number of factors, property type, replacement value, location, age, etc so it’s hard to tell is $340 is good but generally speaking, it does seem very low.

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    Check out EBM or Terry Scheer as well – quite a lot of our clients use them as they are landlord insurance specific.

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    I use AON & Terri Sheer for all our portfolio’s landlord insurance spread around Australia.

    Over the past 15 years I’ve only had 2 claims. Both claims were with AON.

    There was no issues with claims and both went through smoothly.

    I can’t comment how the Terri Sheer are to work with as Ive had no claims with them.

    Both companies are competitively priced. From a premium perspective Terri Sheer offers a premium discount for 3 or more properties.

    I hope this helps.

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