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    Hi, has anyone had any experience with these “manufactured equity” investment options?

    Future Estate is particular active at the moment with what they call “MEP” in Parc Vue development in Bundoora Melbourne. You effectively “lend” them money, say $100k against the apartment for 2–3 years and then get up to a 15% discount when you settle on the apartment.

    Future Estate are geared towards retail clients where Quantum is towards the “wholesale/sophisticated investor.

    Conceptionally sounds great but ………….. Comments appreciated, thanks

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    Hi there,

    Just make sure they do not inflate the price by 15% in the first place.


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    Hi there,

    Just wondering whether you decided to buy into the Future Estate plan or not – I also have been looking at their model and it seems to be a very good return. I do however think the apartment price is inflated, although they do have some different schemes to buy back at the same price in 5 years if you want to sell it.
    I haven’t been able to find out much more about it though, other than what they tell me. I would be interested in any information from anyone.


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    What benefits we are getting from these investments?

    Howard Morales | Selling investment property in brisbane

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