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    Hi guys,

    I want to bid at an auction but it’s interstate and I won’t be physically able to make it.

    How does this normally work? Do I assign a real estate agent or what happens? and what are the costs involved etc?


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    Hi Dezability

    Do you know of any Buyers Agents in the area who could bid on your behalf?

    Not sure if you could put in your highest bid with the selling agent prior to the auction (although you would want to monitor that they don’t automatically use your bid s the opening bid).

    Do you know what the property’s approximate value is?



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    Many Buyers Agents offer this as a service (cheaper than full BA fee). has agents by region.
    Where is the property?

    Alternatively (assuming you know the property well, have done all your due diligence and are confident enough) you can ask the selling agency to register you, and allow you to phone bid on the day. There will be paperwork etc but its usually possible.

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    Yep either a buyer’s agent or register to bid yourself via phone. Most auctioneers will let you do either.

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