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    Can anyone recommend a excellent company to stage my last remain small 2 bedroom unit in Epping Victoria from my new development I have just about completed? Only need it for about 4 weeks max. Want to keep costs down as much as possible so any leads would be great, I’m presuming a rough cost of about $2.5K. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Yep. Dianna. Her userid on these forums is DWolfe . I know she does great work on existing dwellings and also newbuilds being advertised for sale.

    You could drop her a private message from there. The website is

    (Moderators feel free to remove the website link if you prefer it not to be there. Not sure if it is ok when people have explicitly asked for a recommendation.)

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    Also ask some of the local real estate agents, they will give you some useful opinion on how to stage to suit the local market.
    plus they may have some useful tips/contacts to help maximising your staging return.

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    Hi Dean (and all)

    We stage heaps of new units and work all over Melbourne. I’ll send you a PM with some details.

    Thanks Jacqui!

    Cheers – Dianna

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