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    22 and just starting out and been thinking of this.
    Is there any flaws with having 50% of your properties with decent capital growth and breakeven rental profit AND 50% of your properties with high rent yields to put in an offset account?

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    Depends on your situation. Mainly with Tax and your vision/road map. Really can’t say cause it’s so dependent on all the untold factors.
    Welcome to the Forum Sam,

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    Hey Sam

    Welcome aboard.

    Nothing wrong with aiming for a mix of growth and cashflow – it’s what I’ve personally done.

    As mentioned above though – there’s no solid answer that can be given as there’s no one size fits all with property investing.



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    Any negatives to my strategy?
    my aim was to use the rental properties to provide cash to save for another house instead of using capital growth which i think is more risky in the long term gearing wise.

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    Hi Sam that’s what I do with my portfolio. I try and use the same method. Buy 1 with 20% deposit(capital growth) use equity from 1st to buy cashflow repeat etc I was lucky that I got high growth quickly. Your young like me when I started so you have the most important thing on your side which is time. It depends on your long term goal and if your a low income or high income earner? But I think having a mix makes for a stronger portfolio.

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