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    Hello folks,

    I’m new to the forum but have been an avid reader up to the completion of my studies recently. Now as I’ve completed my diploma i’m looking for work.

    I recently applied for a position found on seek, This lead me to a questionnaire which I completed and then contacted the real estate agency.

    They advised me that they are a Jenman agency and offered me to come in for an interview. I then proceeded to research the Jenman systems and read one of his books. Until i see it in practise i will tact an indifferent view on the strategy.

    this is the ad that was found:

    “Secure salary and large bonuses

    If you’re a special person, we’re ready to offer you a very special package to join a real estate sales team committed to very high standards. We are planning to increase our success and we need you to help us. Indeed, if you like us and we like you, we can probably help each other.

    We have two aims – first, to be the best real estate agency in our area; second, to build the best real estate team in our area.

    By “best” we mean the best in service to clients, the best in commitment to our values and, finally, the best in income levels for our sales team.

    To attract the best, we realise we have to be attractive. That’s why we are offering a starting salary of $77,000 per year plus generous bonuses.

    We’re seriously in search of special people and that’s why we are prepared to offer a special package.

    What do we mean by “special people”?

    Well, it’s simple. You’ll have enormous energy, rock-solid integrity, high intelligence, sound judgment, a love of learning and an ambition to be the very best in your profession. These will be your core values. If you possess them and are willing to consider our agency, we’ll pay you to learn our methods and then, if we’re both still happy, you’ll start on a base salary of $77,000 a year.

    If you succeed, your total income (salary plus bonuses) should be at least $200,000 per year.

    If you believe you possess the attributes needed to be a success at this role please call 08 8272 9277 for an application for or visit our website.”

    ok so, my question to the forum is:

    Has anyone had experience working for a Jenman approved agency before and! $77,000 after qualification sounds peachy but what kind of salary (peanuts) are they offering in the mean time?

    I currently have been working in retail and i personally can’t wait to get out!!

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    (trolls please be gentle)

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    Hey Sheamusduck,

    One of my best mates works for a Jenman agency. You are required to hit a certain level of commission per period (whatever the agency has specified) to essentially pay back your wage. Over and above that is where your bonus comes into play. Best bet is to just ask them the questions and see for yourself.

    Just as an FYI, I too work in real estate, but not for a Jenman agency.


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    Jenman system pretends to take out the hard yards .. but it doesnt.

    It requires a minimum quota or thats it.

    Now if you are an established agent or an agent with a reasonable level of contacts to start with it can provide a reasonable degree of remuneration.

    If you are a starter agent with none of the skills and no real means to acquire them .. 3 months or less .. simple.

    There are other reasons I would discount the Jenman system .. but there are agencies who swear by it too .. two differing opinions.

    Do your homework .. and find out what works for you. He does sell a big fat book to keep you reading .. if you need to research.

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