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    Hi every1!

    Just wondering if anyone can give any insight into the world of deal spotters?

    Once they find a deal how do they secure it and onsell it so to speak?

    How do they calculate how much they sell the deal for (their fee)?

    Is anyone out there making money from selling deals? e.g deals with development potential or high yield etc?


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    Development wise I know a few guys who place development sites under option, get DA approval and then onsell the site for a profit.

    Financed a deal recently for a client who purchased off a party who onsold a contract from a company who puts contracts on properties about to be repossessed.

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    I am also confused as to how the spotting process works (as a potential buyer)!

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    Finding any real estate – placing it under option and on selling is a viable strategy. The problem is that it only seems to work in practice with larger blocks or dev sites. Mums and dads who are ready to sell their homes now are suspicious of options. Options fees and terms are highly variable. It all depends on the deal.

    Just trying to charge “spotters” fees is illegal unless you are a buyers agent as far as I am aware.

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