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    I am now fully immersed into property professionally.

    I have previously been involved in personal property developments at a ground level, the level that puts calluses on your hands and ideas in your brain.

    In meeting with many people involved in different roles and capacities; I notice that it is not necessarily the people with best business practices, morally driven intents and strong import on integrity, that reap the largest benefits of the industry.

    I have now dealt with people in this industry in 4 countries and have not yet found a utopia where honesty can be expected.

    How are we expected to grow the integrity of this industry, when the best façade creates the best results?

    Are there groups and or distinctions for people committed to these values?

    Should such groups be created?

    Is it too late for change?

    What is the difference between morality and ethics in industry?

    I am sure that I will leave this industry before compromising my morality in the pursuit of profits.

    I hope to create conversation I feel is important and hope that I am not creating a repeat topic.

    Thanks for your input.

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    It’s a tough one. I am a strong believer of good things happen to good people and I conduct myself with that belief. I don’t think the industry will change but while being a player in the industry you can conduct yourself with honesty and integrity just don’t expect it from others. Know your game well enough to know when someone is being less that honest with you or do your own DD and become self sufficient.

    I refuse to compromise myself too, but in saying that, I have no intentions of leaving the property industry. I will conduct myself in a way where I will not hurt or take advantage of others and can still sleep at night.

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    Not sure if this is a question, rant, statement or all of the above.

    Yep – dodgy operators are in all facets of the property game. There are also some hardworking, ethical ones that aren’t obsessed with making a dollar. It’s just a shame that there’s so many of the former.

    With all service professions – carry out your due diligence and seek another opinion if you feel that you’re not getting the right information.



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    A bit late,
    A Collaboration from my work and a story from Dr John Gray (Men are from Mars).
    He has a great talk where he says were taught to be nice guys, and nice happy guys open doors first. Be good and open the door and let people in first, don’t rush. Let them go in first and let them take what you want. Then thank them for it. Turn the other cheek and let them do it again.
    While its been proven that successful people (on the outside/material sense) walk faster. For success they are taught or learn, to GO GET WHAT THEY WANT.

    In the past (and a lot of the world still today) the poor are happy and together. The rich are powerful and unloved.
    Being Happy on the inside and Successful on the outside is a great challenge but it is possible. In 2014 it’s even more possible.

    I believe Nice Guys can finish first, but it’s unlikely.
    Knowing what I know now, I would aim to finish doing my best, and achieving small milestones of success and happiness regularly.

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    Well put Adrian. It’s a tough balancing act between maintaining some sort of moral standard and progressing in a business sense. Toughest of all for the nice guy who wants to do the right thing by everyone.

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