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    Hi everyone,
    So I’m looking to renovate a property near newcastle. The only problem is that I’m not a tradie and i don’t really know when to schedule each individual trade. What happens first, how to overlap trades to maximize work efficiency and minimize time wastage. I am taking on the project managment role for the reno. Any help on this would be great. Im also open to hiring someone to teach me how to do a schedule. cheers

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    Hello, perhaps you could let us know what work you’re planning to do. The order of trades is not always the same ;-)

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    As Jane said- What bits are you renovating? Kitchen/bathroom (replace or do up)? etc etc.

    One thing for sure is- you need to start the bathroom early. It takes time- strip out, plumbing, waterproof, tile, grout, put in fixtures. You cannot do it in a day like they show on TV.
    Also- unless you want a flatpack kitchen, order that as soon as you exchange. It can take 6 weeks.

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    What your are doing can change the order drastically. Do your research. It’s really annoying when people are booked at the wrong time and the right materials aren’t on site, a lot of trades won’t deal with owner builder/renovators for this reason. Overlapping trades can cause trouble, it can be done though.

    With some more info we can give you a better idea.

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