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    Interesting times coming up starting in the next 5 to 10 years.
    I just read according to Abs data in Australia today those who are 48 and over
    Hold 68% of all real estate ( own home investment property )

    The same age group hold 76% of financial assets.

    Will be interesting to see how this plays out as we get closer to
    There are smarter people on this forum than me but putting it simply
    Is there not a strong possibility that we are quickly approaching more
    Folks wanting to sell than there are buyers?

    Births rates are below replacement levels and it would take a massive
    Increase in net migration levels to put a dent in the baby boomer projections.

    I’m more a bull than a bear but in my opinion I think it’s about as good as it
    Gets for property right now…, ( speaking in broad terms )
    Money is about as cheap as it gets….. Rental yields in the major cities are about
    As low as you can go.
    Of course you are still going to be able to make good $ if you buy well and pick
    The right trend to tap into…. But think this is now going to take some hardcore

    Going to be intersted to see if the baby boomers sell and downsize as most predict.
    Personally I think many will try to hold to the ppr until they are wheeled out.

    Interesting times .

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    Interesting but have a think of this…

    This is already happening know but if you look at demographics there also changing.

    More and more people are moving out into a home by them selves.

    But in all essence, investing is never easy and only a few handful make real money!!!

    I bought a i settled on a property which was bought way under market value.

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    I think that the issue is not just an aging population but whether many of those people will have a lot of money. The latest figures indicate that 80% of the population are going on the pension. That means that many of those people will not have a lot of money in retirement. Now if a lot of people decide to sell demand will come off and so will prices.

    So I would suggest that if you are investing look to inner city properties ideally townhouses or larger apartments. Outer areas may become future slums.

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