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    Hi, we have recently purchased a house that has 60mm jarrah floor boards.  We would like to sand and polish the floor boards but on removing the lino we see that originally the boards have paint on them where some person painted the skirting boards and paint was not cleaned off the floor boards.  Also  a spray gun was used to paint some other part of the room regardless of the boards getting paint on them.  Does anyone know how to remove the paint from the jarrah floorboards or do we just sand them?

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    Option A for Acrylic Paint; Metho and steel wool. Lay metho soaked rages over the paint to soft it (1-2 hours) and then lightly rub. 

    Option B for Oil Base Paint: Apply Tea Tree oil with a cotton tip and leave to soften then rub with steel wool.

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    You can hire commercial floor sanders that'll do your floor no probs.

    Different grade grit paper for ripping to finishing. Get a smaller hand sander for the edges. This is the type you need not the handy man stuff. You can hire these from memory.

    Last time I did this was on a mates burn out house. It was a new extension with recycled Jarrah floors. Filthy job but they came up brilliant when we finished

    Either that or get the pro guys into do it for you. 

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    No need to remove the paint – this will all be taken care of when the timber is sanded.


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    Tools wrote:
    No need to remove the paint – this will all be taken care of when the timber is sanded.


    Exactly, I have ripped out the carpet of the beach house, bout 25 sqm. Replaced with awesome flooring. The property is split level, there are two 4 step stair cases.

    There is paint on the oak stairs and some glue.

    I have sanded all the paint off (pain in the butt) however, need to get the glue off. Anyone got ideas of how to get the glue off?

    Next I will buy the stainer.

    Once the stairs are done…..I'll do the front door.

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    Jarrah is so beautiful. We bought a heap of jarrah furniture a few years ago, each piece weighs a ton, last housemoving had to tip the removalist guys a lot. 

    well worth it though.



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