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    any other buyers agents people would recommend for buying through for positive cash flow properties under market value?

    Waydo there are a few out there, it really depends more on your brief. I have grabbed a few for clients in my time (and 1 or 2 for myself ;) It really comes down to how you define +cf, what measures you are using, what locations you are prepared to consider, and how much work you are prepared to take on (ie reno). Finding cf+ in regional NSW for example is not that hard at all. The trick is finding something of good quality, in a growing area, with good cf and potential for some equity growth too. Just getting $5pw +cf out in the absolute sticks with population falling and no cg is pointless and won’t build wealth. Secondary locations are totally fine, as long as you time the cycle right, get in at the right price, and are ready to add some manufactured growth and repeat the process a few times. The balance of growth and cf across a portfolio is key.

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