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    My tenant has been harassed by neighbour (not next door but close enough)

    They have had power disconnected at night entered the back yard and done physical damage to the fences. The police have been involved and believe that they know who did it and police have filed reports each time. 

    The tenant (2 mid 20's females) have decided to terminate their lease due to concerns for their safety.

     What are my rights as far as terminating lease? How much legally can i charge?

    All help appreciated!

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    Do you have a PM managing this property? If so – let them work it all out for you.

    I don't know what your rights are – but morally, I wouldn't be getting in the way. If they genuinely feel threatened then let them go and get another tenant.

    All in all – I wouldn't worry too much about it. Let your PM do the worrying – it's what you pay them for :-)



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    It's a Police matter and not grounds to break a fixed term lease.

    You could do a deal if you want but you don't want to be out of pocket for tenant changeover costs and rent.

    They may need an AVO if they can justify it.

    As a landlord you could look at improving home security, like screens, sensor lights, lock the elec meter box and water mains valve.

    Tenants could instal an online camera inside a back window.

    Perhaps a dog from the pound needs a good home and doggie door, and dog access to front and back yards ?

    Good luck



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    Hi Jad

    In NSW, a tenant can break the lease if a AVO has been issued against a current occupant of the property…

    Not sure how / if this would extend the neighbor in question ??

    If it went to the tribunal, it would be interesting to hear the outcome…  unfortunately, considering the circumstances (2 mid 20's females), i wouldn't be surprised if the member ruled in the tenants favor.


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    I've been renovating one of my block of flats, and while I've been here, one of the tenants went on a drunk rampage against another tenant. I was there while it happened, and had to call the police. Very frustrating stuff!

    It is a little awkward to kick him out while I'm here doing renos, but when I leave in the next few days, I'm going to make efforts to end his lease, and get my property manager to sort it out to remove him.

    So I can sympathise with you, the awkwardness and frustration.

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