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    Do NOT use this company! They did not apologise and refused to give a refund after their mistakes. They lied to us and covered their mistakes with some ridiculous excuses!

    We used them for building and pest inspection in December 2013. When we made the booking over the phone, they promised the use of a dog for pest inspection. But the reports we received had no information about the dog. When we called them and inquired, they said they did use a dog and the report will be fixed soon. But the report did not get fixed after two days. We then asked the agent to check with the tenants who were the witness to the inspection and we were told there was NO dog at all! The management in Buy Wise, then said they had confirmed with the inspector, that they did use a dog. They even filled up the reports and showed that the dog did check everywhere in the house. After we showed them the email from the agent saying that the tenants did not see a dog, They then emailed back and said that after confirmed with inspector again, they did NOT use the dog because Inspector saw some ‘marijuana posters’ in the garage and it was not safe for the dog to go inside with the risk of drugs being at the property. What an excuse! Firstly we do not believe some posters are sufficient to accuse someone to have marijuana; secondly if this really caused the concern, why didn’t they told us in the beginning? In stead they kept telling us that they did use a dog and even filled up the report!

    So far they have not done anything to fix their mistakes or said sorry to us. Do not use this company!

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