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    Hi Everyone,

    I am interested in NZ positive cashflow deals. I have started to do my research to see if I can find any positive cashflow deal.

    As I know nothing much about New Zealand, I only traveled there a few times. I have no idea about different areas in New Zealand. Does anyone know any area review website in New Zealand that I can be a bit more familiar with different areas in New Zealand. I am after a website that is similar to

    Also, I have started to apply some loans with some New Zealand banks, but I think it is a better idea to find a local mortgage broker at New Zealand. Does anyone know a good New Zealand mortgage broker?


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    Hi Grace,

    Have you had any success looking for deals in NZ?

    I have bought properties in Rotorua with minimum pain having applied for finance directly to bank there.

    I also looked in Wanganui which has a lot of cheaper homes that could also be positive cashflow.

    Once I got started in Rotorua it was easier to leverage my local knowledge so I never followed through in Wanganui.




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    Hi there Grace,

    NZ is becoming a real alternative for Australian investors. Finance is available from here or over there and no stamp duty (yay) or CGT. Factor that in with the relatively cheap prices (look at Auckland v Melbourne).

    I know a NZ broker based in Auckland and also can meet them here (in Melbourne). 

    Re finance, ANZ is relatively easy.

    Hope that helps

    Cheers, Ivan

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    Agreee with Ivan.

    We have used ANZ NZ for all of our NZ deals and not had an issue.


    Yours in Finance

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    Get in touch with Kyron Gosse either via or via facebook/twitter he is heavily investing in the Auckland area and doing well. I am sure he can put you in the right direction .


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    You can try these people –

    Maree Tassell is her name, I have not previously dealt with her but enlisted to her newsletter when I was looking at investing in NZ, seems to send out some good deals every now and then. Has contacts over there which would be very useful as well.

    If you do end up dealing with her, would be interested to see how your experiences with her goes.

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