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    Hi all i'm quite new to all this but i'm aware that in victoria you have to pay stamp duty up front in a lease option and the way to get around this is by doing a joint venture.

    my question being how exactly does the joint venture work in this situation ?

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    Hi Tom

    We use Joint Venture (JV) agreements for most of our vendor finance transactions.  Around 50% of our core business is JV's with investors who want to get into vendor finance (VF).  This involves buying a property traditionally and then on-selling it with VF.  The other 50% of our core business is JV's with frustrated, negatively geared landlords.  This JV involves our negative2positive process, i.e. selling a poorly performing IP with VF to improve cash flow.

    In both cases we don't need to use a lease/option during any part of the transaction.  Unless we decide to sell with a L/O but that probably wouldn't be the case in Vic  ;-)

    Cheers,  Paul

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