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    I have a townhouse in Victoria, about 3 years old, which has numerous defects. The builder is aware, and has said he will fix the defects but after 8 months he has only inspected them and not actually repaired them.

    So I've spoken to Consumer Affairs who have recommended I write a formal letter of demand. They have also suggested I get an inspection and report on all defects – i.e. get a professional to go through with a fine tooth comb, so that all identified defects can be highlighted in a single letter.

    Can anyone recommend a business/person who can do a thorough inspection for this purpose?



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    I'd say any normal building inspector would be able to do this and complete a comprehensive report. I haven't come across too many building inspectors that do a terrible job.

    Unfortunately many people have issues with building defects. It's really important to keep an eye on the builder during construction and to make sure that anything that is going to cause a problem down the track is addressed right away.

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    A builders minor defects liability period is only usually 3 – 6 months after completion. 

    What defects are you talking about? Could you list a few of the problems?

    Only structural issues are able to be brought up for up to 5 years after construction.

    If your issues are things like giprock flushing cracking or chipped tiles. This should of been addressed immediately after purchase.

    You might have limited recourse if your defects fit into the minor defect category as it has been 3 years 

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