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    I am after a accountant that can help with rental property, ato audit, business and incom tax

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    Do you need face to face contact or are you happy to deal remotely?

    If face to face, where are you located?



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    Same boat here

    Prefer someone with alot of property audit experience.

    Am currently in Perth but ok to work remotely

    Advice appreciated


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    We have referred a lot of clients to Maxtax in Parramatta Sydney who have been very happy. We refer a lot of SMSF to them as they charge a price for the set up and most importantly it is set up correctly!

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    We refer our clients to Lucas Lopez at Lucentor. He's good with small business, smsf & investment properties. We got him into our office recently to train all of our brokers in the tricky details on how tax works for investment properties, we were quite impressed.

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    Personally i would prefer and support an Accountant from the forum who offers there time and answer questions for free to members.

    Steve Hodgkinson has been my Accountant for 17 years and looks after my entire portfolio.

    He has been a forum member since 2003 and has helped hundreds of our forum clients.

    Based on the Gold Coast is an expert on property structures and has forum members fly in from all of Australia to see him.

    Well worth it.


    Yours in Finance

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    Hi Richard,

    Can you please provide me with the details of Steve Hodgkinson? I am really fed up with my current accountant. He seems to be overloaded and takes forever to do my income tax return and not only that, last year, he made a mistake and I ended up having to pay an extra $1,800++ plus the $6K from other taxable income (rental plus savings). I need someone who is efficient, smart, responsive and an expert in investment property tax.

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    For Sydney, We refer our clients to D and L Partners ( David Lim); great property accountant and experienced in business accountanting as well as trust. — Office: (02) 8958 5093


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    I refer my clients to in Sydney and Melbourne. I also do legal work for a lot of their clients.

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    Michael Bladen, Oxley Partners, Bong Bong Street, Bowral. 02 4861 6914. 

    We do a lot of work for Michael's clients and send our clients to Michael. The feedback we get is always good. 

    Here is a link to the Tax Checklist we give out to clients, just help them to double check they are not missing anything.

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