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    Hey guys,

    Moving on to my next investment and Ive come across a few questions.

    Im interested in building a duplex in QLD and I believe Ive found a suitable block. However, how can I be sure that council will approve a duplex on that site before I lash out the money and buy it. It’s zoned residential choice and I was considering calling the town planner tomorrow. Is there anything else I should be chking into before I take the next step???


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    Hi Jamie, 

    by looking on the councils website you should have access to the town planning code which will guide you when looking to build dual occupancies and multiple dwellings. From here you will know if the project will be code assessable or impact assessable. Code assessable means you shouldn't have a problem as long as the dwelling is designed within the guidelines provided. 

    Or, you can outsource all of this to a town planner.

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    it seems that you are buying in Toowoomba. (i could be wrong)

    contact Darryl at PRO Town planner… He is forum member (RPI) with wealth of knowledge in town planning and development.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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