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    im after some opinions i have a crack in a gyprock celing  that keeps returning after repairing it many times , i thinking of ceder timber cladding ,, is it ok to cladd over the top of the gyprock ,, or to remove it ,, if i remove it i have to remove all the insulation in a hot roof ,, advice welcome

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    You could cut in a neat expansion join?

    It’s also fine to clad over the top of plaster as long as you use screws long enough to penetrate the batons or ceiling joists..

    Pine lining boards are a cheap and effective covering too.


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    Yeah its fine to clad over plaster. My oldies builder has just done that with white wash timber, and looks fantastic. I was thinking of doing the same myself in my laundry, as I have the same drama.

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    You can regyp over existing board just apply the new board in the opposite direction to the crack and  100% surface to surface bond the board with gyp glue (especially around the cracked area) to create a laminate structure. I would reinforce the existing crack first with some heavy duty joint mesh/paper (double layer) first. No guarantees unfortunately. The forces that crack walls are fairly significant in most cases.

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    If the rest of your house has Gyprock ceilings then Freckle's method sounds like the best and easiest. Hire a sheet lifter for a day and youtube how to do it and you could knock it over as a little DIY project.

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