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    I have just received my statement from my leasing agent and have discovered that i have been charged for a tradesman to provide a quote; they have since returned and completed the works that were required.

    In your experience, should i be paying for this quote? 

    I would have expected, that given he is the standard 'handyman' the agent uses, surely he should deduct this off the final invoice once works are completed?

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    Hi Franky

    I'm with you – usually a quote is a quote. I don't think I've ever been charged for one – even by tradesman that haven't ended up carrying out the work.



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    Its sounds unreasonable that you have to pay for a quote. Clearly the agent has a deal with the tradesman. If you pay for a quote it is far more likely that you will go ahead with the job. 

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    The issue here also, is that the agent didn't mention that there would be any cost to the quotes, it was to my surprise when receiving my statements. I'm happy to pay for the work, that goes without saying, but charging on top just to do a quote is unacceptable. It is their duty to provide the best quote to give them the best chance they get the work.

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    Im in Construction and i have never charged for a quote! i would dispute it with the property manager, is their an actual invoice from the tradesman for the quote or is it simply an invoice from your property manager? your property manager should of gotten 3 quotes and used the cheapest.

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    There's nothing to stop someone charging for a quote, however, that needs to be disclosed before a quote is undertaken. The agent would have to justify allowing this when it is not normal business practice. Depending on your agreement with your PM they act on your behalf so you are liable for the cost. Your dispute would then become one between you and your PM. 

    I'm wary of this kind of business practice. It suggests you are seen as a cash cow rather than a valued client to be serviced. 

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    Yeah its a bit rude. The agent should have enough tradies on their books for them all to give free quotes. The tradie is a bit silly also, he should be thinking if I stay on the good side of the agent then I could get more work.. 

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    some tradies charge to provide a quote and some don't but those that do need to advise upfront and ascertain approval before providing the quote. 

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    I look at it as the same as my industry.

    A lot of Brokers charge for their services and yet i don't. 

    Don't have an issue as long as it is declared up front and the client is aware and is happy to proceed.

    Of course if you were had two options and one of the tradesman charged and the other didn't you can probably guess with whom most clients would go with.


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    Think of the legal side of it. You have appointed the agent as your 'agent' in the legal sense. You have probably given then authority to enter into contracts on your behalf in relation to the property, including contracting with tradesmen. You are probably liable for any charges of the tradesman as if you contracted them yourself. I would suggest you clarrify in writing with your agent.

    And here is a quote, which I am going to charge you $10 for:

    "disgarded pizza boxes are a great source of cheese"

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