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    Thanks clear everything properly.

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    hemi3000 wrote:
    it's like buying oranges

    Or, ………………………………… lemons.

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    Personally, I think there is nothing wrong in buying in a group.

    In fact, this is how every property fund manager does.  They setup a trust/company structure to buy properties or doing development projects. Westfield retail fund, Mirvac….. every public listed property related company does this every day. Nothing new. what you see is just the smaller scale of what public companies do.

    How fund setup, how to split the profit, how to mitigate risk, how to deliver the return is essentially what investor looking for.

    it's people's business, property is just vehicle.

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    Nigel Kibel wrote:
    There is nothing wrong with the strategy at all and I am involved in development products that do a similar thing however there is EVERY THING WRONG WITH DOCKLANDS

    This is an area that will be dramatically involved in massive oversupply of property. Also do not touch the CBD of Melbourne. 

    I generally look inner suburbs such as Essendon  however I currently link the inner suburbs of Brisbane.

    Again stray away from the cbd of Melbourne and Docklands you will lose money here over the next few years

    Thankyou for the info, I now know when and where to get awesome discounts and deals for the next couple of years. be smart people, these types of markets present awesome opportunities, go read a book and then get out there, I will be, see you in the trenches.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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