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    Does anyone have/had or know of anyone that has neutral property – not positive or negative geared.

    I have a property investment group/business tell me about their debt reduction strategy that involves neutral property investments.

    I am open to different ways of property investing to help me reach my property investment goals, but I have not heard anything before about neutral property investing.

    Any information at all would be beneficial and most appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Honestly did not hear about that. Neutral property investment does not sound very smart to me. I might be wrong so. I would appreciate more info about it. 

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    I think neutral is fine if it delivers capital growth like Shahin mentioned. It is better than negative because it ain't costing you anything, and it'll turn into positive geared property with a rent increase. I like the idea of neutral gearing.

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    Love it. There are tons of companies promoting negative gearing and tons promoting positive gearing so some guy comes along and thinks lets promote a niche like neutrally geared property.

    Whether a property is negatively, positively or neutrally geared is slightly irrelevant as the end goal is CG. I hold very negatively geared properties but there is a clear goal to turnover decent CG. I also have positively geared properties which started out negatively geared. 



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    Is it just me or does there seem to be more of these property investment groups popping up every day?

    Hi propgirl – welcome aboard. This forum is a great free resource on all things property investing. There's also a lot of good books out there. I'd spend some time getting clued up – work out exactly what you want to get out of property investing and then devise a strategy. 



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    Jamie you are right

    there are tons comming in and tons going under 

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