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    Hi guys

    Long term lurker here but finally take a bit and am going to settle on a property!

    I intend to do a subdivision for this property which is under the Maroondah Council. However the block is not the regular rectangle block probably resulting in a smaller building envelope given all those setback requirement etc

    Could u guys recommend any draftman/building designer that you have used and knows rules of Maroondah council well?


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    Congratulations on finding a property.

    You have now done more than most!

    Maroondah is not difficult to deal with. As with all councils they have a set of guidelines to work in.

    • Local planning controls
    • Victorian Planning Provisions

    The difficult part, of course, in understanding these various guidelines and navigating a successful path.

    Your goal is a Town Planning Permit (TPP) and they can be tricky.

    Before you engage anyone to help you down this path ensure you have a plan.

    By this I mean an understanding of what you want to achieve.


    Good luck with the project.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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