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    Are Robert Kiyosaki Books any good? Worth the purcahse and time to read.

    I did just see an article that he went bankrupt last year.

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    ive read a few of his books there a good read more inspiring than anything

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    After reading property investing material for around ten years I finally got to Rich Dad Poor Dad recently. Kind of under whelming!

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    Hey team,

    Yes, I think his material is worth reading as Kiyoskai has single-handedly created a generation of wealthier people.

    Rich Dad Poor Dad certainly helped me, although I was disappointed to find out his  'Rich Dad' was not a person but rather a collation of his mentors. I feel this  impacted his integrity.

    I would note he tends to repeat the same concepts across his books, so you may not need to own the entire library.

    You can probably get his books at the local library.

    – Steve

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    He went bankrupt to protect himself from legal action brought against him, in a case that he lost against the Learning Annex.

    He was required by a judge to pay the Learning Annex $20 Million because 'they wanted a piece of his action'.

    He has enough protective structures in place that he'll pay his way and not end up too badly out of it.

    It has nothing to do with his actual methods .. his teaching or any information he may have passed on. Its purely a grab for a slice of what he's achieved.

    The information he teaches is still very relevant. Glean what wisdom you can from any one of his books. He tends to duplicate on issues over the series, however he does actually go into increased detail across all his titles.

    Its like any book. Grab what wisdom you didnt know .. increase your knowledge in what you did know .. and discard bad practises.

    Buy one book for the shelf and borrow the others from the library.

    Despite what you may think .. book authors need to eat occasionally.

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    I was not aware that he went bankrupt, but thought a company he was involved in went under.

    I think his books are good. especially rich dad and the cashflow quadrant. Simple easy to understand way of explaining things.

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