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    just doing some sums and wondering if anyone has used removable homes for a positive cash flow, and if not why??

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    I did numerous permanent homes that were moved and restumped from one site to another a decade or so ago.

    Made some great money.  Probably still some money it that, plenty of "free" houses as long as you remove the stumps etc.  I have 3 I could give away now.  

    Problem now is all asbestos must be removed before you can move it, so probably cost you 5-10K on average Qld house to get rid of that before you move, 15-20k to move (used to be 10 when I did it), steel and stumps  10-20K.  Need new wiring also, worth getting new plumbing and new roof in most instances


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    Interesting topic. This is something we are considering – seems to be much more common in Queensland where the style of home (high set etc) seems to lend itself more to the relocation and re-stumping that goes along with the process.

    My take is that the biggest challenge is not finding the house to relocate (and for the right price) but rather finding the land in an established area where this style of home will not look out of place and will therefore be highly rentable.

    Daryl – what eras were builders using asbestos in QLD? Was it just post-war or is this something to be aware of in older homes as well?

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    I'm really surprised that there are not more people moving homes.

    I have a house that I have tried to get quotes on to get moved rather than demo (it's in Vic) and the quotes were up to 80k. Which for a weather board dump doesn't really work.

    If anyone finds anyone who removes and possibly stores homes as well, can they let me know. I'd really like to make the house I have into a beach house, but first I have to get it to the beach!



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    Great way to get an awesome IP cheaper than building a new house, just watch hidden costs!! and do your research (local council req. ect..  I have done a few… last one (a keeper) went from 2 bed to 5 bed and is cash flow positive.  Im a builder and still get suprised by hidden costs!!



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    Yes the moving and then the damage whilst being moved etc etc, one would have to wonder if a Kit home would be easier and cheaper, plus it would be new

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