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    Hi everyone,

    wondering if anyone knows of some good positively geared websites. That i can look at in Australia. 

    There are plenty out there but one you can vouch for would be great 

    thanks guys

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    Please explain?

    Websites about positively geared property?

    Plenty out there?

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    Have you considered the potential of purchasing a negative or neutral geared property and turning it into positively geared property?

    Also how are you calculating positive gearing?



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    Doug if the property is advertised on a public website it is old stock or overpriced.

    You are better off in engaging a buyers agent who specialises in such properties.

    We get asked all the time by members to source a property for them.

    No such thing as a free lunch as these properties take time to negotiate.


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    thanks for the comments guys. ill look into a buyers agent. 

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    Hi Doug

    Where are you looking to purchase? You might be able to get some recommendations for BAs on the forum.



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    I know 2 of the cash flow positive property companies that are being sued at present (I am not involved) for selling cash flow positive stuff which was not.  When it gets to the filing it court stage, the information becomes public and I can give neames then.

    Many of these we look after the buyer to only find the best cash flow positive propertie type companies are marketing companies that get paid a fee by the seller not by you.  A buyers agent on the other hand is working for you, and will be less than the $10-$20K that the marketing companies are being paid.


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    Consider making your own positively geared property.

    Find a house with adequate land to build a second dwelling, ensuring the planning overlays are accomodating.

    Assume the house is purchased for $500,000 and can be let for $500/week.

    Spend $250,000 to build a second dwelling behind.

    At this point, a number of things can happen, but here are two common outcomes:

    1. Rent both of them for $500/week each – positively geared.
    2. Sell the older dwelling (for say $450,000) and keep the new dwelling and rent for $500/week – positively geared

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    Ive actually been on this site since 2002-3. This site!

    and then you will also find a lot of BS sites, and u may find some people here trying to sell services. 

    10yrs ago I joined this site, found heaps of great info. 

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    I started out about a year ago asking very similar questions the the one you just asked to start.

    You will find with a bit of research and time, it is very possible to find positive geared property, however not in a straight forward kind of way.

    The truth is, to make any real money in property you have to solve a problem or provide a service. The bigger the problem you can solve, the bigger the return.

    Also, keep in mind, the more property you own, the more 'positive' geared it needs to be if you follow this strategy. In NSW for instance, 7% ROI may seem good, but if it takes you past the land tax threshold, you may need more like 9% ROI for it to be positive geared, and then what if interest rates go up 1%.

    There is a lot of work involved, unlikely it would be listed plain and simply on a website.

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