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    Hi Derek

    Yes went yesterday got there early and no builders on site. I did manage to speak to a resident of block B (the 4 story block) that was finished before Xmas and asked if he had any problems. He said he did have something with the toilet but they were on the scene straight away and had it all fixed up. I did use my time to check around the outside of the townhouses to see if any had visible faults like mine(gaps around pipes) they didn't apart from the landscaping being too close to the cladding on all of them.

    The agent and the handover guy for the developer plus builders site supervisor showed up just before noon

    Ours was one of the last 2 being finished in the lead up to the Xmas break and nobody had actually been through to check it, by rights the agent shouldn't have given the go ahead for the inspection to be done was what I was told.I have also had this list emailed to me today. While there another couple of guys in management showed up from the builders side of things and not long before I left the guy who does the checks for the builder also showed up, for some reason don't know why he had been laid off by Walton's but has now been re instated, he was an older guy in the building trade over 40 years

    We went right through the property making notes of what was wrong and needed to be fixed

    The drainage the Inspector was worried about I was told that there are 2 pipes running along side to take the water away

    I have asked to see the drainage plans certified by council for this but haven't received them yet

    The termite protection wasn't listed only the date it was applied

    This was emailed to me today they used a Plasmite Blanket with a 12 year warranty for protection

    landscaping is to be pulled back to allow a visible view at all times

    The leaking downstairs internal and external from the bathroom the Inspector thought that it might have not been connected under the bath

    The builders said it is more likely something has been missed downstairs in the pipe work coming down as if it was from under the bath it would have been leaking into the kitchen below not down the wall next to patio doors, so they will remove the wall to fix the problem

    The issue with the shower tap diverter was non existent it just needed to be turned a bit more then what the Inspector had done as worked ok yesterday

    They are to drill holes and place in pipe outlets to the balcony the other balcony's did have this just our one that didn't

    Hole around bathroom light they already knew about the electrician had placed the first hole where there was a steel frame and so had made a second they were planning on fixing after Xmas break

    Other things where holes around pipes, gaps, no vent cap to waste vent on roof, wardrobe door to be replaced as trim coming away, circuit breaker loose on wall, loose shelves some of the paint work  needs re doing on one outside wall.

    They said everything would be fixed up and checked by both the builders and the developer before another inspection can be done.

    Paul working away in WA means it is on my shoulders to make the decision to stay or pull out.

    I am staying conditional until either I have a second Inspection and everything is to my satisfaction or if they don't send me the paper work about the drainage plans that I have asked for before then, then I will probably walk as why would they not send if there is sufficient drainage like they said

    Anyway keeping options open at this point may go have another look tomorrow just to see what is being done. I am on the Sunshine Coast and property is Southside Brisbane so at least its not too far to go

    Thanks Jean

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    Well got the drainage docs this morning by email.

    No drainage pipes along the side that concerned the building inspector at all

    Very much doubt they would be able to put them in now apart from the cost that whole side is an easement for the electricity

    I went back this afternoon for another look at this section and it really does need more drainage even my son thought so too

    Talked to Paul tonight and he agree's with me that is it we going to let our solicitor know in the morning that we are pulling out due to the Building Inspection being unsatisfactory to us. So glad we had this in our contract with them.

    Oh well holiday to Penang early March meeting up with my sister and brother in law from back home (UK) have a ball then back looking for IP 3 all over again

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    Good decision.

    Decision made now to move.on.

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    Hi Derek

    Contract withdrawn this morning so glad I put the clause in to favor us not them regarding Building Inspection

    If nothing else I have learnt a lot about body corps etc that I didn't know before

    Not sure if I am off units altogether now but may stick with house's from now on at least you know it is just the one property that has to pass the mark not XXXX amount

    In future I will also turn taps etc on to check for leaks too so that I know before I get to that stage again

    So if nothing else I have learnt a thing or too and will be a bit more careful next time

    Thanks Derek and everyone for your help back to looking for number 3


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