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    Hey all,

    I am not very experienced in this but if you can get an older property for free (because someone wants to build a new property on the land) and relocate it is this a smart move for some quick cash gains? See some estimated figures and details below:


    Post war home

    3 Bedrooms

    1 Bathroom



    370m2 parcel for $99,000 – $150,000 in Brisbane

    I'd have to pay for the relocation of the house and hopefully it is relocated without any damage. I would then need to pay for any connection services to the new residence.

    What are your thoughts? Has anyone done something like this before?



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    I have done this multiple times, but not for a decade or so, so my pricing would be out.

    From memory it used to cost me around $12k for the shift and something similiar for stumps and steel.

    It's not a bad thing, after the transport you end up getting

    -new stumps

    -new wiring

    -new plumbing

    -new roof

    I would highly recommend that you stump it at maximum height, even if you just put gravel underneath and battens around the stumps.  Difference in cost will be next to nothing and it makes for a more saleable house later.  I sometimes even had them shift the house to the block and leave it on low styes for a couple of weeks so that it could be painted externally for less money.

    You normally have to pay a completion bond to council also.



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    Hi Matt, I am looking at the same thing, noticed the properties can be located easy. Not all council accept relocatable houses. So before buying the block, check with them to see .


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    Hey matt

    I got a quote only 4 months ago to shift a house on stumps rotate it 45 degrees and sit it back down on the front of corner allotment. ( house went diagonally across the block) That was also 12k but did not include moving the services electrical sewage or water. All had to be disconnected before moving and then reconnected after. Also as Rob-wa said about not all councils accepting relocatable houses. they wanted a new dwelling built which was ok because there was still alot of profit in doing that as well. I think its a great idea that not many people would think about. How many old houses on stumps do you see that are in odd locations on a block and for 12k plus a bit extra you have just created a block with development potential.

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    Sorry to add further. They wanted a new dwelling built on the parcel of land that i was going to subdivide off after moving the existing house because i was also going to bring in a unwanted/relocatable house and place it on the new land which would of made the deal very profitable.

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