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    Great advice from Jac M, also because i think it's not a good time to buy in Melbourne it does not means its not good for you.

    This forum is one of the best tools you can ever have to get some great advice from some very successful people .

    Talk to Richard or Jamie for some advice on loan structures to suit your needs. Also well done on your savings not many people will ever have thy amount of cash. 

    Also keep your mind open there are allot of places I invest l!!!

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    Finding a good networking group can help with the education process, we have an excellent one in Brisbane that meets once per month where real investors are sharing the deals they are doing in the current market place. Important to make sure that the group is actually focused around education and networking as opposed to selling you property as most don't qualify judged on that criteria.

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    @ Yoly – I don't think Freckle's post was to insult. I actually agree with his post. Do plenty of research before jumping in.

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    Remember just because people mention now is not the right time to buy anywhere, and also Melbourne is not being listed as a great place to buy at the moment, it doesn't mean that there aren't bargains out there.  As JacM mentioned, API magazine is really good for finding areas that are good for buying in, it is also good for keeping track of your chosen suburbs which you are focusing on (that's what i use it for).  This month's article contains a good write up on Melbourne and its current situation.  Worth a read.  That's where i would start.  I could also recommend hitting the books, you would be surprised how well many property investing books are written these days and you can learn a lot from them, the things you don't understand come here and ask someone who knows more than you, they will more than happily explain and i'm sure many others will benefit from it.  I would be taking my time right now in regards to where/what to buy.  That's what i am currently doing.  No point rushing in and purchasing the wrong thing at the wrong time, there's a good chance it will end badly and then you will regret it.  Timing and Due Diligence plays a huge part in this game from my SMALL amount of experience so far, good luck.

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    Hi JacM, 

    Thank you for pointing out that my wording is not clear enough.  

    What I meant by saying ''Get on property leather'' is to start invest in properties. 

    Hope it helps to understand my post better now.

    All the best.

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    I think you mean property ladder ?

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    I think working out what you want to do is difficult and who to trust with your money is even harder

    We are setting up the Property Know How Club which will be in all states including Western Australia. Naturally we will be in Melbourne as well as I live their.

    Within the club we will also offer partner deals such as Property Development and a buyers service. It will also help you gain the knowledge to make sure that you are making the right decision.

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    Hi Yoly

    Education is what you need and in my opinion you can never have too much.

    Nigel Kibel a long time forum member from Melbourne runs the Property Know How Club and provides free quality education in variety of investment areas.

    Why not join up on his website / facebook page and download some of the free articles, go along to a meeting or two.


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