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    Hi.  I want to sub-dive a property and new build some-townhouses.  I guess the traditional way would be to get an architect/draftsman to obtain townplanning approval and design.  Then hire a builder to construct.  

    Does anyone know if all the big display home builders (Metricon, Carlisle Homes ectc) can complete this process instad of going through the traditional route?  Has anyone tried this before?  Thanks.

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    Generally they are builders. Subdivide then let them on site as they are proficient at buidling.

    If you feel the need, get a project manager who can then engage town planners, solicitors, surveyors, tender the building works etc and co-ordinate the whole package.

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    Generally for townhouses, Have a look at custom builders in your area. See who's building or have projects under construction and make some enquries. The large spec home builders are cost effective at building from their designs.

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    Hi Urilla,

    The simpler way to go about this is to firstly engage your designer/architect, surveyor, and town planner (if you don't feel comfortable managing professionals yourself). You'll need to get the planning application sorted initially which will need a site survey and at minimum some basic building footprints to be designed.

    From here, the subdivision is next to be completed. Again this is done by your surveyor. If you are building then this will most often run around the outline of the new dwelling, so isn't entirely completed until you've got some bricks down. Alternatively if you do a land only subdivision then this will be completed immediately after the planning permit. I've put a subdivision flow chart up in the adding value section as well as our website which would be worth a read.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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