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    Yes this is a great debate, I have been interested in Real Estate all my life  now 61, Bought and Sold /Renovated had Investment Property and (spent some time as an R/E Agent), I've been part of Real Estate clubs , read what different "Gurus" do, bought lots of program etc,  but now I only listen to a couple, thought this has taken some time to get to this point.

    Yes that  is right family is the worst to discuss this with especially if they don't invest, (some times the tall poppy syndrome raises its ugly head)


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    Personally, when faced with criticism, I try to do the following:

    – Control my first reaction. Even if my first impulse is to get angry, defensive or aggressive, I usually take a minute and not say anything. Usually, these impulsive feelings melt into thin air and it’s better to wait or else I might regret having said something that I didn’t mean.

    – Try to convert the ‘heat’ into positive energy, by thinking positively. Criticism is an opportunity to improve, to come up with new ways to solve problems, to practice active listening, and basically to learn something new.

    I would also like to mention one of Aristotle's famous quotes:

    "Criticism is something you can easily avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.”



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    Great quote Emil.

    If the criticism is constructive ask for their guidance. Ask "so how do you suggest I make money in real estate?" You'll soon see if they are full of hot air.

    Those that just blatantly criticise with no real basis, just ignore them. That's what I did and now when I tell those criticizers I'm retiring soon they say nothing.

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    In property, as in business, it's hard to identify all and every risk.  The viewpoints of other people can help identifying risk, so their critique should be welcomed. Every critique, from all of them – the fools, the experts, the brokers on this site, your paid advisors and your loved ones.  You don't need to win arguments, you only need to satisfy yourself you have a contingency plan to manage the risk issue.       But, my challenge is this – my dearest loved one wants me to sell investments and get a big palace for a home.   The marriage vows did not include a clause for this one.  

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    Minmise the rubbish you read on this forum. Remember alot of lies are told on the forum and same as Property Magazines.

    The magazines are sold to make money!! I love stories where someone has inherited a heap of money and there is only a small token sentence 34 of the way through the article.

    You never see an article titled: "How I bought 3 properties with the 500K I inherited"

    Grain of salt.

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