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    Hi Team,

                  I have a small unit in Western Sydney which i will be renovating. I've done renovations before but I've never had to do a full bathroom. I'm tiling the rest of the house and putting the kitchen in i just don't want to do the bathroom due to all the plumbing. What sort of prices should i be looking at for a professional bathroom fitting? Also does anyone have any recomendations etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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    hi mate.. im a builder and reno's on your bathroom is a good way to add value easily. Id recommend looking on websites and finding out what sort of materials youd like to replace your existing bathroom. EG ikea and bunnings can give you cheaper but fashionable items. all you need is the dimensions of your reqiurements. This is not something Id do as a DIY job but you can do a lot of the work yourself if you needed to but ordering kitset stuff from ikea or bunnings



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    When deciding what products to use (taps, shower rose, toilet), you really need to decide if you plan to hold the property or sell it immediately after the reno.  If you are going to hold onto it, you'll be very sorry if you go with cheapie taps and so on because your plumber will be back too frequently on maintenance calls.  If you are holding onto it, talk to a plumber about what products are good to put in if you don't want constant call-outs.  If you plan to sell it, I suppose it only needs to be pretty and it becomes the problem of the buyer.

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    Waterproofing is paramount – make sure whoever doing this is doing it properly and actual does it. Don't get one person to do everything. Get a tiler to the tiling, etc. Make sure you pay a little extra a get a good tiler even if its for an investment. Doing a bathroom the wrong way will cost you heavily. There are plenty of bargains out there re fixtures and products and they are good quality too.

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    I helped with the Reno on my bathroom, with things like rubbish removal, painting and other things to save money. was fun and felt great knowing you had some physical input.

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    Can you list the things you're planning on doing and also upload a photo? I think you'll get more accurate advice once we see what you're working with.

    As a ballpark figure, a new bathroom fit-out including tiling all walls/floors, new shower, toilet and vanity, lighting/exhaust and all plumbing – you're looking at between $7,000 – $10,000. You could do it slightly cheaper maybe (if you managed the trades yourself) and of course you could spend a lot more – the sky's the limit as they say.

    Hope that helps – post the other info if you want more detail.



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    some builders might have a square meter rate you could use as a guide and then just add your p.c items( toilet, fittings)? Also make sure the waterproofing is legit and all works should come with a warranty of some kind also the builder will need to guarenteed their work for 2 years non structural 

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    The main way to keep down cost: try not to change too much of the plumbing.

    Keep the sink where the sink is, the shower/bath in the same spot and the toilet the same too, unless you feel changing the layout will significantly improve and increase the room's value.

    That means you have only second fix costs for a plumber, like fitting taps etc.

    When you are getting quotes, make sure you specify clearly what you want them to do.

    The first time I renovated a bathroom, we got in a tiler and the quote seemed ok.

    What we didn't realise, after hiring the guy, that he hadn't included grouting, sealing and floor levelling into the per sqm amount.

    So now I always tell them exactly what I want them to quote on, and make sure it includes everything. Only then can you be sure you won't get screwed. There are a lot of honest trades people out there, but unfortunately there are a lot of dishonest ones too.

    With regards to a plumber, if you have second fix plumbing to do in the kitchen as well, try and tee this up with the bathroom as it saves on cost that the plumber takes driving back and forth.

    You can pay a grand for a shower (purchase and labour), or you can buy one yourself for $300-400 that looks nice and fit the brackets yourself.

    And what JacM said is important. When I renovate my houses to sell, I put attractive but very cheap fittings in. I'd never do that for my own home. No point paying $200 for a tap you'll never use. Buy a $40 one that looks nice instead.

    Go to auctions. I picked up two great baths for $150 each (one had an imperfection on one side, but hey, that'll be hidden against a wall), two showers for about $150 and $170 each, and a vanity for around $200. And they're nice ones too.

    I have also picked up tiles for bargain prices too at auctions.

    If you take the time to shop around and do your research you can save yourself a bucket of money.

    Good luck!

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