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    Hi All,

    Caught this online article this morning and thought I would share it to assist those looking for a broker to assist them along the way.

    Article can be read here

    A few questions missing for me – particularly for property investors.

    1. Are you a property investor too?

    2. How would you structure my loans? Why? (assumption being you have discussed you current situation and plans)

    3. What is your position on cross collateralisation?

    Just a few extras that quickly come to mind.

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    Derek you make a good point about asking your broker if they are a property investor. The last 2 brokers I met weren’t property investors, in fact one of them was renting and still saving for a deposit. He was 36.

    I think a good broker definitely needs a couple of IP’s under there belt.

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    It's hugely important to use a broker that walks the talk when it comes to property investing.

    You can tell the brokers/bankers that invest from the ones that don't have a clue. It's something that will become apparent within 2 minutes of speaking with them. You don't need to go through a list of 10 or 20 questions to find out. Call them, have a chat, complete their fact find or client analysis form and see what sort of advice they offer up.



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    Totally agree and have said it so many times before.

    Would you have confidence in undertaking major surgery from a Dr who had never performed an operation before.

    You want a Broker who shares the same passion and desire as you and also can lead by example.

    Jamie is so right if you can't assess whether your Broker knows what he / she is talking about in the first 5 minutes of a conversation then getting them to answer a 100 questions will do you know good.

    Hate to say anyone who emailed me 20 questions would not get a reply.


    Yours in Finance

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    I am very thankful for Richard's reply… there are several things to learn and think about that I hadn't known or thought of.

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